Remote controlled solar roller shutter

The comprehensive protective solution

Many people think of roller shutters primarily as a solution that provides security when they aren't at home. In combination with roof windows, however, they offer a much broader range of functions. In addition to protection against burglars, they also provide a shield against heat, excessive light and noise, as well as ensuring full privacy by preventing unwanted glances from outside.

Fully independent power supply

The RoofLITE+ SSR blind has a solar power system, meaning that it doesn't require connection to an external power supply. Continuous functionality is ensured by a built-in battery charged with solar energy. The battery's large capacity enables the shutter to perform as many as 100 opening/closing cycles without the need for recharging, which means that you can use the shutter whenever you like - even at night or on an overcast day. 

The solar power system has the additional advantage of being highly environmentally friendly.

High quality and functionality

The shutter mechanism is fully enclosed in a sleek housing mounted above the roof window's exterior. This enables light and fresh air to enter through the window unhindered when the blind is raised. To lower the shutter and activate all of the SSR's advantages, simply touch the button on the remote controller.

An additional advantage of the SSR, which is especially beneficial in the summer, is that the window behind it can be vented even when the shutter is lowered, enabling fresh air to be let into the room while it is kept shaded and protected from external heat.  

Easy to install and set up

With no need to connect the roller shutter to an external power supply, installation is extremely straightforward and can be carried out in full from inside the room. Instructions included with the product provide a clear, step-by-step guide through the process.  Set-up is simplified further still by the pre-paired remote controller, which allows you to take advantage of all of the SSR's benefits immediately after installation.

European quality with a long-term guarantee

The SSR roller shutter is manufactured in Europe, ensuring high production standards and quality control that allow you to be sure you are making the right decision. Our three-year guarantee is the best confirmation of this.


Key advantages of the SSR roller shutter

  • Protection against burglars, heat, and noise
  • Guarantees 100% privacy inside room
  • Solar power system – cost-free and environmentally friendly operation
  • Easy installation from inside the room, with no need for set-up
  • Compatibility with the io-homecontrol® system

 You can now purchase this roller shutter via Dakstra. Dakstra and RoofLITE+ products are 100% compatible and are made to the same high standards.

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Available colours:

7043painted gray