RoofLITE+ Electric Opener AMC100


If you have installed your window in a hard-to-reach position, why not make use of one of our electrical or manual openers?

Our AMC100 electrical opener consists of a motor unit with all of the necessary wiring, a rain sensor, and a remote controller. The motor is placed in the bottom of the window frame, from where it takes over the job of opening and closing your window. Its strong chain has been specifically selected to handle all sizes of roof windows, and enables opening as far as 200 mm. Electric opener AMC100 is compatible with RoofLITE+ SOLID and TRIO range and can work with io-homecontrol® system. 

ZAR metal rods have a rubber “easy grip” and come in two lengths: 108 and 120 cm. The rods are compatible with all RoofLITE+ windows. 

 You can now purchase these accessories via Dakstra. Dakstra and RoofLITE+ products are 100% compatible and are made to the same high standards.

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